feelings of anxiety

One Habit to Shift Feelings of Unease and Anxiousness


Quiet can feel a little eery can’t it? And we go to great lengths to avoid it. We’ll check out some Netflix, scroll through Insta or read a book. But even this isn't quiet. It’s a distraction from the beauty that lies within quiet. 

When you feel like you’re losing your vision, your sight of what you want for yourself, or find you’re beginning to sound like everyone else, blindly following along without checking in to what you really really want or desire, this eerily quiet can be the best place to go.

The distractions keep us from hearing the quietness of our inner voice that can be heard most acutely saying “stop, please.”

Our bodies will cry at many levels to try and get our attention. It can be a physical ache, an anxious heart, the inability to focus and stay present. All in efforts (warning signs) to help us come back to connecting to ourselves.

What are the signs you’ve disconnected?

  • You find yourself shrinking in order to make others feel comfortable.
  • You stay quiet when you have so much to express.
  • You feel stuck in the wheel of shoudling and hustling that you’re ignoring your body’s signals to pause and reflect.
  • You're swimming in comparison leaving you treading through ache and judgement.

When you ride through the quiet, slow breath by slow breath, you get to face the glorious beauty that awaits on the other side. Clarity. Epiphanies. An answer to something that felt overwhelming impossible to solve earlier with a solution so obvious and simple. 

When you get really, really quiet, what are you craving inside? What do you notice in your quiet?