How I Knew My Heart Wasn’t In It

how i knew my heart wasn't in it.jpg

The day I got my nutrition certification in the mail I. could. not. WAIT. to get it framed. I literally ran out the same day to find a frame to display this baby. 

Nowww, when I got my accounting designation years before, I made excuses (all the time) on why I hadn’t framed it. I didn't like any of the frames at convocation. The size was odd. (seriously tho!) It’s monstrous - where the heck was I going to hang it? Then there’s my personal fave - the thought of hanging it anywhere brought up such an unsettling feeling in me. 

It seemed just tooo showy. Maybe my sign (duh) that this wasn't the best fit for me. ;) 

When I worked in the corporate world, I'd often look at my colleagues and wonder if there was something wrong with me. I didn't seem to be like everyone else. I saw those who worked for the same company for decades or worked in the same type of role for yeeears. Counting down the days to retirement. The days when they could start doing things that really made them happy. 

Then there were those who didn't love their work BUT managed to hustle anyways. Dedicating so much time and energy to something that didn’t make their hearts sing. Was I lacking dedication and focus to stick it out until I could retire and start enjoying life too? 

Hustling for that corner office was never my dream or goal. Was I being ungrateful? I had a great paying job. I had a lifestyle that allowed me certain luxuries. But I felt unfulfilled. At the end of. every. day. There were many who would’ve gladly traded places with me. Why couldn’t I just suck it up and carry on?

Why did waking up every Monday morning feel agonizing? My body so so heavy and drained before the workweek had even begun. 

Why wait to have happiness everyday, I often thought. I needed this now

For years I went with the flow - busting my buns all year. In return I'd get those much-coveted 3 weeks vacation - and I dare not take those 3 weeks all at once. That wouldn't show true dedication. ;) 

Every year it became harder and harder to dance this dance. I needed to figure something out, I kept thinking. Before I started drowning in regret. 

It's funny how our instincts know when we've touched on something that is or isn’t right for us. If you're intuitive like me, you know what I mean. That feeling in your gut when you know the fit just isn't quite right. 

If you choose to ignore it, it often turns out to be not one of your best decisions. A lesson learned, as I like to say. Then there’s that feeling that makes your heart flutter. Kinda like that feeling you have when you spend time with someone you’re crushing out on. 

I love that heart flutter feeling. Now I've chosen to live for that feeling. Choosing things that make my heart dance. 

To quote Ms. Garance, the true goal is to 'find the life that works for you'. 

Since making the decision to bow out of the corporate dance, I've never felt better. 
(In. All. Aspects.) 

So, where am I going with all of this, right? Am I anti-corporate? Heck no! I love my corporate peeps. A lot of the lovelies in my life are corporate. It’s allowed me to be mentored by some of the most incredible people. 

This is where the 'love life' part of my brand comes in. I've seen it in my own health and the health of others. Looking for optimal health and wellness is not ONLY about what’s on your plate. 

You can green juice and exercise all day long. But if you don't have any heart flutters or that joie de vivre, you are missing one of the incredible components of optimal health. 

Find the one thing that gives you heart flutters. 

Then, have the courage to do that one thing. 

To no longer waking up wishing every day was Saturday, ;) (Tweet that)


In the comments below, tell me what one thing gives you heart flutters.