How to Eat More Plant Based Foods

How To Eat More Plant Based Foods

Eating more plant based foods doesn't have to be boring. It also doesn't mean you have to eat salad every day. 


You know by now that putting more plant based foods on your plate is good for you. Buuut that's kinda hard to remember after a long day of work, when there's nothing in the fridge and you're feeling famished. Am I right?!


For me, the best way I started getting more plant based food onto my plate (consistently), was when I started to plan ahead.


Planning ahead really is key. You plan for those things in life where you want specific results or an experience. Things like your retirement, upcoming vacations, or even how you're gonna meet your next deadline. 


Something as fundmental as eating shouldn't be any different, right?!  If you want more plants on your plate, you'll have to plan for it. Planning ahead will help you create healthy eating habits that will easily (or easier than you think) become part of your everyday lifestyle. 


Here's the fun part. (Yes, my definition of fun might be a weee bit different than most.) Once you're in the habit of having more plant based foods on your plate, you'll actually start craving all those plants. That's fun right?! ;)


So how do you plan ahead? 


Here's a few of my best tips to help you plan ahead without taking away the fun of eating:

  • Get inspired. If you enjoy cooking, get inspired with recipes. Pick one new plant based recipe you'd like to try this week. Make a list of what ingredients you need to buy. Then make sure you pick those ingredients up the next time you're at the store. 


  • Be brave. Make a commitment to buy one new fruit or vegetable that you've never tried or worked with before each time you're at the grocery store. 


  • Be prepared. Carry snacks with you. Fruits, chopped veggies, nuts + seeds, seaweed snacks, chia puddings, etc. If you always have snacks on hand, you'll be more likely to eat those instead of being tempted to be at the mercy of whatever's available at your favorite coffee shop. 


  • Start with veggies first. Stay with me. At dinner time, just put veggies on your plate. Then once you've finished, add in your grains and all the other good stuff. If you start with a generous serving of veggies at the beginning of your meal, there'll be less room for the other things. 


So those are some of my favorite ways to help you eat more plant based foods. Remember, there's no fun in trying to be or do anything perfectly, so take baby steps. 


Baby steps that build on each other are what creates lasting change.


Now it's your turn. What are some ways you get more plant based foods in your day? Share with me in the comments below.