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And even bigger dreams…..which sounds amazing except for one itty bitty detail. You feel stuck. More stuck than you’ve ever felt before.

And you’re craving getting out of it. You’ve been coasting through life which feels comfortable, but lacks the energy you need to realize those dreams living in your heart. And you’re ready for a change.

I understand.

I call this the juicy crossroads of life. A few options lie before you at these crossroads:

Option 1 - continue as you are, comfortable but not necessarily in love with your life. On paper, all looks good.

Yet that nagging feeling in your heart is craving more.

Option 2 - be bold and brave and start moving towards those bold dreams of yours.

But how do I do that? you ask. You keep telling yourself you’re going to do something about it but never feel ready enough…

Welcome to the beauty of coaching.

A space dedicated to helping you unhinge from the limiting beliefs that feel tethered to you. The ones causing you to live small, stay in the background and shy away from your brilliance.

Every single one of us is brilliant yet a very small percentage are actually living up to our brilliance.

Yet when you root yourself in your brilliance from a place of self-love and awareness you begin to notice that you’re no longer simply talking about change but you’re actually moving in the direction of the life you crave.

“to stop dancing around the perimeter of who you are brings the greatest sense of joy.”

I'm Rena Williams and I help brilliant women like you live your most vibrant life. It gives me incredible delight to shine a light on that brilliance in you.

As your coach, I speak to the part of you that’s craving more. (The cognitive functioning, problem-solving, overly rational part of you that’s often overly stimulated for much of your day gets checked at the door. This is what’s kept you feeling stuck for so long).

Guess what lives in this space of awareness and owning your unique brilliance?

  • Joy lives here.

  • Peace and ease live here.

  • Feeling the way you deeply desire lives here.

  • The permission you’ve been craving to live out what’s in your heart lives here.


What our work together looks like:

  • A safe and judgment-free space.

  • Me, bringing curiosity and a deep level of listening. I hear all of it. What’s being said, what’s not being said, what’s underneath the sighs, the pauses, the hesitation, the stories you’re hooked on. We scratch at these and wiggle them a little so you begin to unhinge and move from feeling stuck to living with more ease and joy.

Are you ready?

You choose the level of support you want. Six in 60 or Nine in 90 (six sessions over the course of 60 days or nine sessions in 90 days).

What’s included in PURELY COACHING?

  • A gorgeous welcome package helping you get oriented for the work we’ll do together.

  • 1 x 90-minute session. This is our first session where together we design how you best want to be supported throughout our work together.

  • 60-minute follow-up sessions happening in intervals of 7-10 days.

  • On-the-spot coaching between sessions via email. Life sometimes happens at the most inconvenient times and your reaction to it can surprise you. This extra level of support helps you keep showing up in the way you desire so you stay moving forward.

  • Curated list of recommended resources to bring an additional layer of support to you.

All sessions will be via Zoom or over the phone.

INVESTMENT is CAD $597 for Six in 60 or CAD $897 for Nine in 90.

Single 60-minute sessions are available for returning clients. 

If PURELY COACHING is what you've been looking for and are curious what working together would be like, book a complimentary 30-minute discovery call to see if I’m a good fit for you. Access my calendar and book some time here. 


The work we do together is powerful and transformative. Let it move you from saying “one day I’ll be….” to “today I started…...”


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson




Rena helped me uncover a level of awareness that quite honestly has blown my mind. I was able to see how much my own inner dialogue influenced how I felt and my choices and the most exciting thing was how easy it was to choose differently once I became aware. At the risk of sounding cliché, I feel empowered for the first time in my life. Rena helped me come into a rich relationship with myself. I feel lighter. How this has positively impacted so many areas of my life, both personally and professionally, I’m incredibly grateful.
— Natalie Gélinas, New York
My only hesitation in working with Rena was that I was afraid I’d be too overwhelming. But that wasn’t the case at all. She gave me incredible guidance. Rena has a very calming energy and is an incredible listener. If you’re looking for compassionate direction and support to deal with your stresses, you’re in very good hands.
— Sandy
It’s only been a few days and I already notice a big difference in how I show up and am taking better care of myself. Wow! Just wow! Thank you so much.
— Adrianne



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