What if you could make a simple yet cost effective change to reverse the decline in workplace productivity?


Would you be surprised to know that productivity losses cost organizations 2.5 - 3 times more than annual health benefits costs?


Did you know absenteeism costs Canadian businesses $16.6 billion per year and $84.0 billion per year for American businesses?


Follow the numbers.  One way or another your organization will spend money on the health of your employees. Whether curtailing health benefits costs through added preventative wellness measures, or maintaining status quo and watching your annual health benefits costs continue to climb.


Savvy business owners know that rising health benefits costs pose an incredible risk to the overall sustainability of their business.


Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to invest in a simple yet effective plan to get a 245% return on every dollar you invest in wellness?


A 245% return on every dollar?  That’s just smart business.


Your organization can achieve this effectively and efficiently.  


Including a food ambassador as part of your organization's preventative health and wellness efforts is one of the top ways to stay competitive in your industry.


Food is our first line of defense.  It sets the tone for what level of health and wellness we experience. A corporate health benefits package should include education + support on that first line. It's about being proactive, not just reactive.


Dietary choices impact employee performance and productivity and is the leading contributor to chronic ailments and disease.


Disease prevention is the fastest way to reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism, boost employee morale and improve productivity in the workplace.


As your organization's food ambassador, I help employees perform their best through value-added resources, motivation, support and education.


Whether they need to bring their A-game to a strategy meeting, brainstorming, collaborating or just being awesome in their day-to-day tasks, they'll get the work done. And it'll be done well.


Because when your employees aren't performing well, it reflects on your brand and your business. This impacts your bottom line and competitive edge.


Include a food ambassador as part of your workplace health and wellness plan and watch productivity skyrocket and health benefits costs plummet.


From the front line to the executive level, I’ll work at making your team healthy, engaged, & productive.


Reach out to discuss with me today.

Professional Bio

Rena Williams is a modern day health expert helping businesses manage and mitigate rising health benefits costs through educating, supporting and encouraging their primary assets - their employees. Upon completing university level training in holistic nutrition, Rena received additional certification in culinary and therapeutic nutrition and supplements. Rena works privately with businesses, helping to improve the wellness of their staff. She provides a realistic approach to having and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Having lived through 80-hour workweeks as a professional accountant, Rena knows firsthand how to help busy professionals find a balance to healthier happier living.