1 in 4 people will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. Most will occur between the ages of 25 - 44 (hello prime working years!)


30% of all short and long-term disability claims are due to mental illness, costing north American businesses upwards of $33 - $51 billion annually.



Your employees are your most important asset. Support their most valued asset so they can do their best work for you.


Forward thinking leaders like you recognize that having a comprehensive well-being strategy is one of best ways to strengthen the foundation of your business.


Yet implementing strategies takes time. It can feel impossible to schedule in a project like this when your plate is already full with deadlines and day-to-day responsibilities.


I understand.


However, when stress, burnout, depression and anxiety are the leading cause of absence and leave in the workplace this can’t be kept on the back burner. A solid and comprehensive well-being strategy that is weaved into the fabric of your organization’s culture can realize a $4 return on every dollar invested.


As a consultant, I work with leaders just like you who recognize a healthy and cohesive workforce is paramount to your company's success. Together we look at minimizing risks you're currently facing and identify opportunities to reduce said risks in cost-effective, measurable ways.




In a word, YES! As an accountant, I know measurable results are everything. That is why key metrics are developed for each initiative to make sure corporate objectives are being met.


Book a discovery meeting and let's discuss how this can work for your business.

Professional Bio

Rena Williams is a modern day wellness expert helping companies create vibrant work environments through effective well-being strategies. Marrying her two strengths - empathetic creativity and discernment combined with mapping out ideas holding the long-term impact in view, make her a powerful collaborator for your organization. Having spent 16 years as a professional accountant she has seen firsthand what impact a comprehensive well-being strategy has on your primary assets - your employees. Helping companies create environments, where both employee and employer thrive, is what she loves doing.