for the go-getters who want more out of life.


It's 3pm and you forgot to eat lunch...again.


When is work not getting in the way?


And I’ll just go on record and say that corn tortillas don’t count as lunch.


The mindset of 'whatever you need to do, put business + work first' is no longer working for you. And you're ready to make some changes.


This is where I can help.


A 90-Day RE.start Program

Together you + I create a 90-day plan customized for you. An action plan that complements your lifestyle and will help you achieve your goals, building lasting healthy habits along the way.


You want ongoing support + direction and a plan where you continue to be busy in work and family life, without neglecting your health in the process.


And you want to do this in small chunks. Over a period of time. You value slow + steady steps to help you reach your goal.


If you feel like:

  • your everyday is taking up every last bit of energy you have

  • the stress of work and life sometimes takes over. And when they do all you want is the couch and some carbs

  • your health and lack of sleep are affecting your performance. Your work isn’t as great as it used to be. You know deep down you’re capable of better

  • you’re so busy being available to others that there’s nothing left at the end of the day for you

  • you want to be inspired and have some sort of structure so you can recommit to more healthful living

  • you’re tired of being tired

  • you’re ready to make some lasting changes. You just need to know where to start


Then this is the perfect fit for you.


I’m Rena Williams, and I work with incredible men and women like you wanting to feel confident and incredible. You want a realistic approach to having a healthy lifestyle and I help you get there. I live what I teach by example.


It took my own illnesses and ever demanding 80-hour workweeks for me to realize that taking proper care of myself was no longer negotiable if I was to live a life that I desired.


Working with me, you’ll have the tools you need to get more out of life - an abundance of energy and vibrant health, so you feel amazing doing the things that you ENJOY!


 A 90-Day Program for Busy Professionals


It’s the end of our 90 days together and you feel like a new you. And it's showing up in some pretty awesome ways.

  • Having enough energy that carries you through your day

  • Having more confidence in yourself

  • Having mental focus and more clarity. You get more done  in less time

  • No longer wondering what to eat to achieve your goals

  • Feeling empowered + motivated to make yourself a priority. You’ll quickly see how easy it can be

  • No longer feeling that mid-afternoon lull that leaves you torn between taking a nap or grabbing a sugary treat

  • Ready to handle a busy workweek without letting your health and well-being fall onto that back burner

  • Waking up with energy

  • Everything that felt too much, confusing or that you didn’t seem to have time for, now feels easy and effortless

  • You truly understand the benefits and the real motivation behind making this effort. Knowing this is the foundation that will give you lasting change


Your 90-Day RE.start program is unique and tailored to you and your lifestyle.


Ready to get started? Click below to apply.


This new plan we create together becomes your foundation. It's not simply remembering to eat, but in a way that gives you energy instead of leaving you feeling drained. We really get down to identifying your struggles, challenges or weak areas and turning those around so you feel equipped and confident in taking better care of you.


After our time together, your days will feel more impactful.  You’ll be more productive in less time because all that energy and focus you’ve been wishing for are now your reality. Simply because you’ve fuelled yourself in a way that supports those big BIG goals.


Your 90-day program includes: 

  • Three, 60 minute sessions with me via Skype spread throughout the 90 days

  • 7-day meal plans custom tailored just for you. Plans that fit your lifestyle

  • Guides specific to your needs that will support your goals + areas of struggle

  • Knowing what to eat so you stay focused and energized ALL day

  • Confidence in knowing what food choices work with your unique goals

  • Personal email support from me throughout our 90 days together

  • Weekly email check-ins to support your efforts. This gives us an opportunity to make tweaks and adjustments along the way as needed.

  • May experience a shift in mindset on how best to take care of you (a life changing bonus!)


Investment of $897 or 3 pymts of $325


If you’re ready to make a change and no longer want to wait until life settles down a bit to start taking care of you, apply here.

Here’s what’s special about working with Rena - not only did she teach me natural ways to increase my energy levels and feel better, she also gave me a greater sense of confidence. Confidence in putting balanced and delicious meals together for my family and in how I approach grocery shopping. Her suggestions were always realistic and doable. She was always positive and encouraging. Our FaceTime and Skype consults were incredibly convenient for me and my busy schedule.
— Rhian W.