A 90-day program to great digestive health, so you can get back to living life. On your terms


You woke up feeling tired. Again! Annnd you pressed snooze a few more times than you’d like to admit.


If only you could wake up, jumping out of bed, FULL of energy.


I can totally help you with that.

I work with amazing people, just like you.  You’re over waking up in the morning feeling blah and tired.  You know your digestive issues play a part in how exhausted you feel. Scouring the internet searching for the best solution gets overwhelming and confusing.


You’re tired of trying out different elimination diets in hopes of feeling good again.


And if we’re being reeally honest, sometimes even the healthy food can leave you feeling worse.


You don’t have to go it alone. I’ve been there + I can help.


Together you and I uncover the best strategy for YOU.  So that you get back to feeling great. A level of health that feels incredible every single day. Get that inner glow people keep talking about.


You know, the abundance of energy, vibrant health and time to do things you truly ENJOY.


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Are you feeling:

  • Tired

  • Exhausted after dinner, wanting to take a nap

  • Wishing you had enough energy to go for that run or keep up with the littles 

  • So bloated that you look about 5 months pregnant after you eat

  • Worried instead of excited when going out to eat

  • Tired of looking for an answer to your digestive issues and just want a solution that’ll work


Imagine waking up each day with enough energy that you wanna jump out of bed, excited to meet your day.  


What would it feel like to:

  • Get back to the person who used to get out of bed, full of energy

  • Have the motivation to get things done

  • Enjoy food and stop worrying about having tummy flare ups afterwards

  • Have less aches + pains

  • Replace that blah feeling with a clear mind, energy, and a calm tummy


Making changes to improve your health can feel scary, especially if you aren't exactly sure what may be helping or hindering your progress. It can also feel like you're restricting yourself from your favourite foods.


It doesn't have to be this way. It’s totally possible (+ within your reach) to turn your health around and feel amazing again.  As your nutritionist + wellness coach, I work with people just like you.  


Over the course of 3 months we use a plan that was custom designed just for you. So you can take control of your health and wellness.


The Details

During our time together, we identify and address the cause of your specific digestive issues. As a result of our first meeting together via Skype, I’ll gather the information needed to created your specific plan. A plan that’ll ultimately bring your digestion to a place that makes you happy, giving you back confidence in your health.

So that you wake up with energy and can enjoy + live your life. On your terms.


There are four steps involved in my process to a healthier, happier tummy. These four steps will not only help you feel better, but you’ll know exactly what to do to keep feeling great. Long after we’ve finished working together.


Let’s chat today about how this will help you feel better so you can say bye bye to tummy troubles. 


What You'll Get:

  • Monthly 60-minute calls via Skype. They'll be spread out over the course of 3 months
  • A four-step program customized for you. It's specifically designed to bring your digestion back into balance. This is the key and what allows my clients to have lasting results
  • Access to me (via email) in between Skype calls
  • Guides and eating plans to support your digestive goals. Whether you're travelling, at the grocery store or hanging out at home, you'll make food choices with ease
  • The keys you need to making healthy habits last much longer after our time together has ended
  • Confidence and a deeper understanding about your health and your body


Food should be enjoyable. And fun! Not scary or painful.  Let’s discuss how you can get back to feeling better now. Click below to contact me.


As a result of our three months together you’ll be able to:

  • Go out with friends, enjoy yourself again + not worry about tummy flare ups

  • Enjoy those little indulgences now and again. Whether it’s a glass of wine, or piece of cheese

  • Wake up with loads of energy, a clear mind and motivated to get more done

  • Handle stressful + busy workweeks without neglecting your health + wellbeing


Imagine waking up, feeling like your best version of you. Every single day. And having that inner glow you keep hearing about… know, an abundance of energy, vibrant health and time to do things you truly ENJOY.


Investment of $997 or three payments of $350


Don't wait another day to start feeling amazing. Schedule a complimentary session with me. I'm excited to hear from you.

I feel blessed to have Rena in my life, improving my health in so many ways I never could have imagined! I had these ideas before consulting with her that if I just ate “healthy” and exercised regularly that I’d be good. I never understood why that didn’t seem to be working for me. I’ve been learning so much through her and seeing remarkable changes in my health and well-being already in such a short time. It’s just incredible! My sleep, my skin, my digestion and my energy levels are all showing such improvement. I tell all my friends about my new regime and how amazing Rena is.
— Jessica M
I always look forward to my time with Rena. I know that I will walk away from our time together having learned something new. She’s a positive cheerleader and keeps me encouraged along the way. Always quick to provide alternatives whether it’s an ingredient in a dish or easy & creative ways to add healthy practices into my daily life.
— Rhian W