We bring the bravest parts of ourselves to work when two things exist:

  • there’s a sense of safety and trust in the work environment

  • we see the significance our individual work makes to the greater collective

A fundamental driver of these two things is how we communicate, both as leaders and as team members.

How we navigate conversations, and give and receive feedback drives the quality of our work, individually and as a team. 


The greatest of our efforts or endeavours at work can be undermined when communication is off.


  • Companies with a highly engaged culture outperform their peers by 147%, measuring earnings per share.

  • 70% of employees feel more engaged and committed when transparency is part of company values.

  • The University of South Wales found that the single greatest influence to profitability and productivity within a company was the ability of leaders to foster a great work environment.

Work environments with crafted cultures make for thriving employees, both in and out of the office. This is at the root of workplace wellness. Communication either drives or reduces stress, influences our sleep habits and sense of well-being along with productivity, focus, accountability and engagement.

When we bring the bravest parts of us to work we are our most innovative, creative, collaborative, engaged and adaptable to change.

As a consultant, I work with culture-first companies to help your team work better together using language and powerful conversations. We identify what's working well, uncover the opportunities for growth and create strategies to implement that will powerfully impact both your short and long-term goals. 


We do this work together as a collaboration. It can be delivered on-site, virtually for distributed teams, or off-site for meetings and retreats.


Let’s connect to talk about your unique needs.

About Me

Spending over 16 years working as a professional accountant for some of Canada’s top organizations, I’ve experienced a variety of workplace cultures and management styles. 

I’ve seen firsthand how our daily communication and interactions shape creativity, idea generation and the ability to find impactful solutions to everyday problems. These interactions shape culture and how we function collectively as a team. 

Coupled with my insatiable curiosity for understanding why we do what we do, what motivates us, what drives behaviour, my co-active coaches training and courageous leadership training with Brené Brown, I have insights on how to have powerful conversations that shape a thriving culture. 

It brings me total delight to help teams work better together. 

Had what felt like 50 tough conversations and rumbles at work this week. Outcome: more trust, more connection, more accountability, more focus. Deeply grateful for the people who keep showing up.
— Brené Brown
Rena is not only the perfect collaborator with a clear, articulate vision, creative spirit, and the amazing ability to make you feel trusted (which always lets me do even better work) but she has a unique, sophisticated service that I came to regard with a lot of respect... She’s that rare professional that exudes quality while remaining completely approachable. I’m confident that whether one is hiring Rena or going to work for her, the experience is bound to be equally enriching.
— Deidre Murray-Holmes, Cityneon