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90-Day Strength & Renewal Program (Installment Plan)


“My only hesitation in working with Rena was that I was afraid I’d be too overwhelming. But that wasn’t the case at all. She gave me incredible guidance. Rena has a very calming energy and is an incredible listener. If you’re looking for compassionate direction and support to deal with your stresses, you’re in very good hands.”

“Rena helped me uncover a level of awareness that quite honestly has blown my mind. I was able to see how much my own inner dialogue influenced how I felt and my choices and the most exciting thing was how easy it was to choose differently once I became aware. At the risk of sounding cliché, I feel empowered for the first time in my life. Rena helped me come into a rich relationship with myself. I feel lighter. How this has positively impacted so many areas of my life, both personally and professionally, I’m incredibly grateful. ”

This is what others have shared about their experience in the 90-Day Strength & Renewal Program.

winwin Friday (4).png

Additional Info

This is the second payment of a 3-part payment option for the 90-Day Strength & Renewal program.

The payment schedule is outlined in the Wellness Coaching Agreement. Please refer to this agreement for the schedule. 

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