Photo credit Photography by Angie
I enjoyed a number of things about working with Rena; our VIP Day conversation was insightful, well-paced, and energizing. The meal plan was well-tailored to my vegetarian needs, with enough variety mixed in to keep it fun. I’ll use many of the recipes and snack suggestions again! Her
emails were supportive; with the right mix of simplicity and nuance.

My greatest result in working with Rena was that I experienced a week with almost no sugar cravings, something I didn’t think was possible within the first week of eating nutritious food! I expected detox cravings, but the seven-day meal plan was fitting, filling, and fun enough that I felt satiated! She convinced me that healthy eating does help me reach my goals of having enough energy and an even-keeled mood, so I can be there for my family, work, and creative pursuits.

Also, the healthy eating inspiration rubbed off. My husband and I enjoyed working together on different meals.
— Julie Fiandt,
I feel blessed to have Rena in my life, improving my health in so many ways I never could have imagined! I had these ideas before consulting with her that if I just ate “healthy” and exercised regularly that I’d be good. I never understood why that didn’t seem to be working for me. I’ve been learning so much through her and seeing remarkable changes in my health and well-being already in such a short time. It’s just incredible! My sleep, my skin, my digestion and my energy levels are all showing such improvement. I tell all my friends about my new regime and how amazing Rena is.
— Jessica Mericle, San Francisco
My only hesitation in working with Rena was that I was afraid I’d be too overwhelming. But that wasn’t the case at all. She gave me incredible guidance. Rena has a very calming energy and is an incredible listener. If you’re looking for compassionate direction and support to deal with your stresses, you’re in very good hands.
— Sandy
Here’s what’s special about working with Rena - not only did she teach me natural ways to increase my energy levels and feel better, she also gave me a greater sense of confidence. Confidence in putting balanced and delicious meals together for my family and in how I approach grocery shopping. Her suggestions were always realistic and doable. She was always positive and encouraging. Our FaceTime and Skype consults were incredibly convenient for me and my busy schedule.
— Rhian W
I always look forward to my time with Rena. I know that I will walk away from our time together having learned something new. She’s a positive cheerleader and keeps me encouraged along the way. Always quick to provide alternatives whether it’s an ingredient in a dish or easy & creative ways to add healthy practices into my daily life.

When we were writing our book on Moringa, we borrowed Rena’s nutrition and culinary expertise. She developed an original recipe seamlessly integrating our Moringa leaf powder. Rena photographed and wrote the recipe beautifully. It’s now published! We’re grateful to Rena for her creativity and professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with her.
— Linda Bolton, President, TOP Nutritionals