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Answering work emails in your sweatpants on a Saturday night again?

(cue pouring a glass of organic red)

This wasn’t what you envisioned when you first heard “work-life balance” right?

Make your dream life your real life. 


I’m Rena Williams, Holistic Nutritionist, Life & Wellness Coach. I help brilliant women, like you, take back feeling healthy and vibrant so you feel more connection and joy doing what you love.


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Get back to doing more of what you love.


Bi-weekly motivation + support to help you feel, well, more like you.

I would never have believed I could accomplish all the things I have without Rena’s help these past few months. Setting boundaries with work, having deeper connections with friendships and feeling less stressed which is helping both my skin and my sleep feels amazing. Finding Rena was one of the best things for me this year.
— Lisa Cousins, Vermont
I’m thankful that I reached out to Rena and said: “hey, can you help me through this?” Her calm spirit, wisdom and ability to pinpoint things I wasn’t even aware of are what she’s super good at. I am so happy with where my life is right now. I also have more confidence to deal with those life hiccups as they come up and avoid feeling overwhelmed which feels really big for me.”
— Kristen, Vancouver BC
I feel blessed to have Rena in my life, improving my health in so many ways I never could have imagined! I had these ideas before consulting with her that if I just ate “healthy” and exercised regularly that I’d be good. I never understood why that didn’t seem to be working for me. I’ve been learning so much through her and seeing remarkable changes in my health and well-being already in such a short time. It’s just incredible! My sleep, my skin, my digestion and my energy levels are all showing such improvement. I tell all my friends about my new regime and how amazing Rena is.
— Jessica Mericle, San Francisco