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Navigating through this thing called life can feel heavy. Really heavy.


Let’s take that big weight off your shoulders.


I’m Rena Williams, Holistic Nutritionist, Life and Wellness Coach. I help brilliant women, like you, take that next step in your wellbeing so you feel more connection and joy doing what you love.


Together you and I work to uncover your unique path to feeling more ease and joy in your life. I combine my experience and education in holistic nutrition and coaching, using techniques that bring you back to feeling free and like yourself again.


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More About Me

I’ve always been curious by nature, especially when it came to all things health. Having personally dealt with numerous autoimmune illnesses sprinkled with generous doses of anxiety and overwhelm, getting to the root cause of what was going on with me was really important.


Over time and through much trial and error, I saw how not only nourishment and nutrition played a part in feeling and looking great but so did understanding how to be my own ally instead of letting that inner critic run loose.


It wasn’t until years later that I learned how our emotions and our relationship with ourselves largely influence our physical health and wellbeing.


Through all this curiosity and learning I decided to delve further. So the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Academy of Culinary Nutrition and my co-active coaching training through The Coaches Institute became my schools of choice. These institutions along with many other courses and certificates I’ve taken gave me the foundation I was looking for. So I could successfully blend the physical health component with the emotional health component to get relief and see incredible results.


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