four reasons to love raw food

Four Reasons to Love Raw Food

Four Reasons to Love Raw Food

Hmmm, a bowl of mac 'n cheese, orrr a bowl of broccoli florets? It's a tough choice, right?! You know what you want to want to choose, buut.....


Making the effort to gets bits of raw food in your regimen everyday can be tough. But once you’ve developed the habit, you actually begin to crave raw food. I promise.


Have you ever been on vacation or stepped away from your normal routine to find that just after a few days you feel like you just neeeed a salad? That's craving in action. ;)



Four Reasons to Love Raw Food

There are so many upsides, but my top four reasons to love raw food annnd keep it in my daily routine are:


  1. It helps you feel lighter. How? In short, fibre. Raw veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds are awesome sources of fibre. This is great for two reasons.

    One - fibre takes time to break down and digest, so you end up feeling full longer. This means you’re likely to eat less over the course of a day.

    Two - we need fibre to help us detoxify. Fibre is essential to moving the gunk out of your body. This is a very good thing. We need to move that gunk out.

  2. It slooows down the aging process. We love this! Whole food in its raw form is loaded with enzymes. Enzymes that are used for every single process in our body, including how quickly we age.

    With plenty of enzymes, we're able to manage inflammation and slow down aging.  These naturally occurring enzymes are fragile and are destroyed when food is cooked at temperatures above 115-118 degrees Fahrenheit. So in efforts of keeping you looking years younger, it's important to include some raw food goodness in your day. 

  3. It keeps your body rockin. Whole unprocessed raw food in its natural form is loaded with nutrients that are fully intact. There’s so many nutrients in fresh produce and in forms + naturally occurring combinations that are easily assimilated + absorbed in your body.

    Nutrients you need to have energy and great looking skin. Nutrients that are also key for every single one of your body's processes. Making sure your food choices are nutrient dense leaves you functioning as best as possible. 

  4. You end up with more energy. There are so many enzymes in raw food. Enzymes used for every process including digestion. Our bodies naturally produce enzymes used for digestion. However, our enzyme production decreases as we age. Without enough enzymes to properly digest our food, we don’t feel well after we eat.

    This means we don’t absorb as many vitamins + minerals as we should. Enzymes help this process out, supporting healthy digestion. By making the digestive process easier on our bodies, we spend less energy digesting, leaving us with more energy to do the fun things we love. #winwin

So whether you reach for an extra smoothie, salad, zucchini pasta or nut based sauce to get more raw food goodness in your day, remember it’s worth every bit of effort. 


Now I’d love to hear from you. What are some ways you try to include more raw food in your day? Share with me in the comments below.